Our Mission

The Mission set forth by the founders of Help Americans Inc. is to “MAKE AMERICA A BETTER PLACE”. Through the use of generous donations from our Corporate and Private Donors and Grants obtained by our Grant Writer the foundation will provide down payment assistance for Home Buyers that complete a Lender approved Home Buyer’s Course. The Foundation also has a comprehensive plan to help our Veterans and their families by providing financial assistance to those suffering from a temporary life altering event, building all-inclusive housing communities for our Homeless and Disabled Veterans and scholarships for higher education.

The President and Founder of Help Americans Inc. envisioned this plan to help our Americans in need. We see nonprofits that help people in need throughout the world, which are very worthy causes, but there are far too many of our own citizens and heroes that are suffering and in dire need of our assistance. Help Americans Inc. was created to ” MAKE AMERICA A BETTER PLACE” by helping our Americans in need!

We believe with the combination of our generous Donors that contribute to our worthy cause and the Corporate Sponsors that support us through the discounts offered with our VIP Membership Program along with the Grants received through our Grant Writer that Help Americans Inc. will have the resources available to make a difference.

HELP AMERICANS INC. is an IRS approved 501c3 nonprofit organization, Guide Star Gold Participant, registered in the State of Florida. The foundation provides assistance to Home Buyers through available government and private programs, as well as providing down payment assistance when applicable. The foundation also provides temporary relief to those in need of assistance during life altering events including an array of programs to help US Veterans, the Homeless, and Americans in need.



HELP AMERICANS Inc. provides assistance to Home Buyers through Government and Private Programs and down payment assistance when applicable.

To be eligible for down payment assistance, the buyer must register on Help Americans Inc.’s website under the Home Buyer’s Down Payment Assistance Program. The Buyer will receive an introductory email with a checklist of all documents that will be required to get pre-approved for mortgage. The Home Buyer must take a lender approved Home Buyer Course to be eligible for down payment assistance through HELP AMERICANS INC. This program is available to Home Buyers in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties as long as they meet all the criteria’s set forth by the lender. Our program is restricted by the availability of funds. The Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program is funded by generous corporate and private donations. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

As we obtain grants and donations for this program, it is our mission to expand the Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program County by County, State by State until we are able to help all Home Buyers seeking our help.


We as Americans have completely dropped the ball on giving the honor and support to our Veterans.

HELP AMERICANS INC. is committed to helping our Veterans by providing financial assistance for life altering events, All-inclusive Housing Communities for our Homeless and Disabled Veterans, and Scholarships and Grants for higher education. These programs are funded by Grants and Donations. We plan on hiring a national Grant Writer to work diligently to fund all of these worthy programs. Help Americans Inc. is developing a VIP Program that brings corporate sponsors and private sponsors together to fund our Veterans Relief Programs.

Help Americans Inc. will begin the Veterans Relief Programs in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. As we obtain grants and donations for this program, It is our mission to expand this core program Nationwide.

Temporary Financial Relief

As with many Americans across the country there will be times when a US Veteran, or God forbid the family of a US Veteran that died while serving our country, experiences financial difficulty due to a life altering event.

Help Americans Inc. will set up a Trust Account through Grants and Donations to fund these life altering events. The nonprofit does not have an unlimited amount of resources to fund this program and will set up a Veterans Relief Board of Directors and will work with the other non profits set up to help our Veterans so we can help as many Veterans as we can. This program will be top priority for our national grant Writer.

Rick Crowder
President / CEO
Help Americans Inc.

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